What we are NOT…

TransformMT is not a huge company with overseas-ownership that has lost touch with its transcriptionists.

TransformMT is not trying to use speech recognition as an excuse to reduce the bottom line of what its transcriptionists are able to earn.

TransformMT is not burdened with a large staff of highly paid management or public shareholders with no real understanding of the value transcriptionists add to the medical documentation process… or the dedication and skill that medical transcriptionists bring to our challenging and demanding profession.

TransformMT is also not a small, undercapitalized service threatened by larger firms or unable to protect its MTs from the onslaught of low value overseas services and technological advances that claim to eliminate the need for transcription altogether.

What we ARE …

TransformMT is a stable company with a stable, professional management and workforce and a strong growing list of clients that appreciate the value of quality, domestic transcription.

TransformMT is honest and fair; our MTs are paid on-time by direct deposit.  We strive to educate our clients of the true value of their work and the worth delivered by dealing with quality U.S. based transcriptionists working on a technologically advanced platform. Our technological push is to find new ways to create greater value from the quality our MTs produce, not to find new ways to pay our transcriptionists less.

TransformMT works with hundreds of MTs across 47 states. Despite our size and growth, TransformMT still prides itself most on the personalized support we provide each transcriptionist.

TransformMT MTs work on the world-class MDnetwork application and technological infrastructure that maximizes their productivity and the consistent availability of quality dictation. The MDnetwork platform is our strongest recruiting tool as MTs continually tell us they can simply make more money per hour than working on any other platform. 

Our current transcriptionists are our best reference.  We do no print advertising (only occasional online postings) and we pay no fees for references.  We are proud of the fact that the majority of our current workforce has come to TransformMT because they were referred by one of our transcriptionists.

In your search for a new home…  TransformMT offers a clear choice

Setting a higher standard…


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